Garage Auto da Corsa

The Passion

Italian styling, generous spaces and exotic European cars.

A passion for racing and winning.

Commissioned to design the interior fit-out for a garage of over 200m2 located in North Adelaide. The garage is newly built in the style of the majestic, century old mansion it will serve. The structure is two distinct garage spaces complete with central separate workshop, bathroom and foyer.

Major brief elements included:

  • The design of an environment in which to house a growing collection of classic European sports cars.
  • Create a versatile lounging area from which to view the cars.
  • Provide an area for a home gym
  • Create a partitioned wash bay
  • A fully fitted workshop
  • Bathroom
  • Extensive storage
  • Molnar two post hoist
  • Select and advise on artwork

The owner desired an interior reminiscent of a high end Italian dealership showroom with no compromise on quality of fittings or furnishings.

Garage Mahal responded with designs for intricate patterned tiled floors, leather upholstered wall panels, furniture design and a mix of domestic and industrial lighting. 

In a sense, think of a Porsche dealership exterior turned inside out and blended with a 21st century gentlemen's club.