The best garage space under the main roof yet


Designing and constructing for an engineer was no mean feat. Detail was everything. Future proofing the home garage and fabrication studio that the client expected to still be inhabiting 20 years from now was now simple task.

Going back to common roots, we worked with the client to understand his motivations and expectations. A reflection of industrial green paint so common in industry and school technical studies workshops back in the 70's and 80's was a feel good memory from which to start.

All machinery stripped and re painted to coordinate with the workshop cabinetry colours. Ducted dust extraction, fume extraction, plumbed in compressed air, remote operation of dust extraction system and compressor. Interior lit cabinetry, machinery isolation switches; the list just goes on and on.

Equal measure of practical functionality and beautifully designed cabinetry, reflecting a 30+ year career as a design engineer ended up being a tremendous experience for Deverson Garageworks staff as well. The result was a client enchanted with his new space. A place to restore cars, make furniture and... well, just tinker.