Deverson Garageworks provides a conclusive services offering from the very start with conceptualisation designs right through to manufacture and construction.

We will provide you with a completely coordinated project to cover all aspects of:

Building Design

Interior Design

Furniture Design

Landscape Design

Lighting design






Project Management


The Process

Pre Commissioning Stage

Initial Consultation

Held either onsite or in your home, our first meeting will be to define the design parameters, discuss budgetary and physical constraints and assess the workability of the project. This is also the time to assess must-have inclusions such as art work, vehicles, existing tools and initial work flow analysis etc.

Design Parameter and Fee Proposal

Based on the initial consultation, we prepare a detailed briefing document outlining the scope of services to be performed and the fee proposal. Fees are generally based on project values or hourly rates. A deposit is required upon commissioning of the project.

Stage 1 Concept Development

Involves research, draft design presentations and site visits. Various design elements are communicated through presentation of such things as sketches, photos, prototyping, hard and soft furnishing samples, flooring designs, cabinetry and tool guides etc

Stage 2 Final Design

Once the concept drawings are approved, specific details are discussed and the designs fine tuned. Subject to final sign off of designs, construction, installation and fabrication plans are drawn up. Specification documents are produced as well as any planning authority applications.

Stage 3 Project Management

Consisting of pricing, tendering, sub contracting and overseeing of all works. A preliminary costing schedule is prepared and subject to approval, contracts are created and orders placed. Contractors are recommended based on project requirements and where appropriate, only Deverson Garageworks approved service providers will be considered.

Deverson Garageworks maintains an exceptional work standard and the expectations placed on all sub contractors and suppliers is very high thus ensuring the adherence to design intent and maintenance of work standards.