Deverson Garageworks product range is very broad and growing constantly. The mainstays of our range include but are by no means limited to the following:


Our specialty of course is bespoke cabinetry from the simplest of customised steel and laminate finishes to the most complex of cast precious metal fittings and exotic timbers, composite materials and high tech automation. We have access to a vast array of materials and styles.


Bespoke furniture design and manufacturing.

Lighting systems either from of of our many international suppliers or a bespoke design made by our craftsmen to ensure true individuality and originality.

Inspection Hoists from Australia, Italy and Germany

Parking Hoists and fully integrated systems from Italy and Germany

Vehicle turntables

Garage equipment and machinery including such items as compressors, lathes, drill presses, sandblasting cabinets, bench grinders, polishers. Almost anything you require for your workshop can be obtained.

AV equipment and home automation

Solar power and power storage systems

AC and Humidity and temperature control systems

Specialty flooring systems

Fume extraction systems

Ducted dust extraction

Plumbed compressed air systems