Lakeview SG

The Passion

Rare US Muscle cars.

Exotic Euro and British Classics.

Vintage and Veteran cars and bikes.

Architecture with a distinctly Australian colonial influence.

Lakeview's small garage is the second commission by the owner of Lakeview. It differs from Lakeview BG not just by size but primarily by function. Where BG is a stunning display and entertainment environment, SG is a very practical space for restoration and maintenance work on the owners growing fleet of rare classics.

Designed with the largest car in the fleet in mind a 1960 Cadillac giving plenty of space to maintenance and restoration work. To be fitted out with a Molnar hoist 4 tonne hoist, ducted air and modular cabinetry designed to be up gradable and re configurable as needs dictate. Complete with state of the art sound, video, lighting and climate control, this space will will be the perfect environment for indulging the passion.


Stay tuned for photographs as the build progresses.