Lakeview BG


The Passion

A commission in the heart of Adelaide's eastern suburbs. A new build with arguably the best garage space set under the main roof.

A Garage like no other, at nearly 700 square metres, stretching over three levels and complete with secret rooms and hidden entrances (not shown); Lakeview's Big Garage will provide a fantasy space most collectors can only ever dream of having. A garage so sumptuous, so indulgent it will captivate the hearts of every visitor.

To be fitted with beautifully crafted cabinetry and hand crafted furniture, the space will provide for entertaining, guest accommodation, and storage for 15 plus cars and myriad motorcycles.

An in ground, car parking tower will allow parking for 6 cars in the space of two and all levels independant of each other.

Interior styling will remain the owners secret for now but suffice to say that it will take visitors back in time to a past any Baby Boomer will remember with great fondness.