Deverson Garageworks employs highly skilled designers and craftsmen from across Australia and the world in a never ending pursuit of excellence.

Deverson Garageworks designs interiors, buildings and all manner of interior features. 



There can be no restrictions for a truly bespoke garage interior. Whether styled around your favourite marque or themed on a place or time in history, our design team will astound you.





Designing great features is only effectual if it can be built. If we design it for you its because we can also make it. Anything and everything is considered to create the perfect garage environment.


The garage environment starts with the physical structure. We know garages and the dynamics of this very specialised space. Clever design to match existing architecture or to make a stand alone statement.



Many clients have a favoured object that often becomes the the starting point of the design. Whether it be a vintage fridge or an antique lathe; Deverson Garageworks will have these items restored to new or simply made operational whilst retaining the items historical patina.


Continuity must be right if the garage space is to work. To this end, we design your furnishings, we advise and select artwork, design and select lighting, AV, automation and entertainment systems as well as car parking systems and so much more.



Finding the correct art work for your space is a very personal process. Having built relationships with various artists in the UK and the US as well as many in Australia. We can commission original works or secure rare limited edition prints adding prestige and value to your collection.