Garage Mahal employs highly skilled designers and craftsmen from across Australia and the world in a never ending pursuit of excellence.

Garage Mahal designs interiors, buildings and all manner of interior features. 



There can be no restrictions for a truly bespoke garage interior. Whether styled around your favourite marque or themed on a place or time in history, our design team will astound you.



Fabrication 1


Designing great features is only effectual if it can be built. If we design it for you its because we can also make it. Anything and everything is considered to create the perfect garage environment.


The garage environment starts with the physical structure. We know garages and the dynamics of this very specialised space. Clever design to match existing architecture or to make a stand alone statement.



Many clients have a favoured object that often becomes the the starting point of the design. Whether it be a vintage fridge or an antique lathe; Garage Mahal will have these items restored to new or simply made operational whilst retaining the items historical patina.



Continuity must be right if the garage space is to work. To this end, we design your furnishings, we advise and select artwork, design and select lighting, AV, automation and entertainment systems as well as car parking systems and so much more.

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Finding the correct art work for your space is a very personal process. Having built relationships with various artists in the UK and the US as well as many in Australia. We can commission original works or secure rare limited edition prints adding prestige and value to your collection.

The best garage space under the main roof yet


Designing and constructing for an engineer was no mean feat. Detail was everything. Future proofing the home garage and fabrication studio that the client expected to still be inhabiting 20 years from now was now simple task.

Going back to common roots, we worked with the client to understand his motivations and expectations. A reflection of industrial green paint so common in industry and school technical studies workshops back in the 70's and 80's was a feel good memory from which to start.

All machinery stripped and re painted to coordinate with the workshop cabinetry colours. Ducted dust extraction, fume extraction, plumbed in compressed air, remote operation of dust extraction system and compressor. Interior lit cabinetry, machinery isolation switches; the list just goes on and on.

Equal measure of practical functionality and beautifully designed cabinetry, reflecting a 30+ year career as a design engineer ended up being a tremendous experience for Garage Mahal staff as well. The result was a client enchanted with his new space. A place to restore cars, make furniture and... well, just tinker.


Art Deco Revival Family Entertainer


Classic motors from the platinum age of Motown and the British Rock Invasion, art deco architecture and Hollywood greats.

The inspiration for the design came from the owner's brief that it had to suit the 1955 HMV refrigerator. Once the designs were completed and signed off, the conversion commenced. The finishing touch was the restoration of the fridge itself, stripped back to bare metal and resprayed in off white pearl two pack paint. The owner, now very happy with his garage, has a place to enjoy his automotive passion, an area to display his growing collection of automobilia and a unique space that the entire family can share.


High-end collecting in dress circle east.


Current Project

The brief was clear from the start, to create the most luxurious and sophisticated underground garage space imaginable, cost no object.

No expense spared for this luxurious garage space housing a diverse collection of modern European exotic performance GT cars and a smattering of Australian muscle.

This project includes bespoke furniture design and manufacture, an all encompassing audio visual feast for the senses. Bespoke lighting design and manufacture. Integrated fume extraction system. Illuminated wall panels. Secret panels and hidden doors adding a little mystery and fun. High end bespoke cabinetry, wall and ceiling joinery, exotic materials and above all, a sense of mystery, fun, adventure and style blended with high octane energy.

Draft 3D views only



An elegant solution for a small block


The brief was simple, design and construct a garden studio complete with high quality interior cabinetry, flow through ventilation and plenty of natural light. It had to be well insulation and proofed against the ingress of dust, damp and vermin.

The result was the creation of harmony and balance outside whilst reflecting the architecture of the newly constructed home. The cabinetry was made from reclaimed hardwood fence palings and new marine grade ply. Garage Mahal was also commissioned to design and create the entire landscaping component thus ensuring environmental continuity between the natural and the built elements.



A new build along the Southern Coast with great views and vast space.


Current Project

A Garage like no other, at nearly 700 square metres, stretching over three levels and complete with secret rooms and hidden entrances (not shown); Oceanview's Big Garage will provide a fantasy space most collectors can only ever dream of having. A garage so sumptuous, so indulgent it will captivate the hearts of every visitor.

To be fitted with beautifully crafted cabinetry and hand crafted furniture, the space will provide for entertaining, guest accommodation, and storage for 15 plus cars and myriad motorcycles.

An in ground, car parking tower will allow parking for 6 cars in the space of two and all levels independent of each other thanks to some very sophisticated German tech.

Interior styling will remain the owners secret for now but suffice to say that it will take visitors back in time to a past any Baby Boomer will remember with great fondness.


Lakeview BG - 2.JPG
Site has been cut
Oceanview BG interior inspiration  

Oceanview BG interior inspiration


Practical workshop with a traditional barn feel.


Current Project

Oceanview's small garage is the second commission by the owner of Oceanview. It differs from Oceanview BG not just by size but primarily by function. Where BG is a stunning display and entertainment environment, SG is a very practical 100 sq m space for restoration and maintenance work on the owners growing fleet of rare classics.

Designed with the largest car in the fleet in mind a 1956 Cadillac and providing plenty of space for maintenance and restoration work. To be fitted out with a Molnar 4 tonne hoist, ducted air and modular cabinetry designed to be up gradable and re configurable as needs dictate. Complete with state of the art sound, video, lighting and climate control, this space will will be the perfect environment for indulging the passion.

Stay tuned for photographs as the build progresses.



A traditional weatherboard cottage gets sympathetic garage design with cypress pine mezzanine.


Current Project

The passion starts with Ducati motorcycles and Australian muscle cars. It grows to encompass a pool house, entertaining area and space to collect gorgeous machinery. Simply build a garage for an enthusiastic collector who lives less then 300m off the coast. Make it salt spray resistant, a fantastic mezzanine floor entertainment zone and blend the architecture to match the historic nature of the 19th century beach side suburb. Imagine a stylised Hampton's look on the south coast.

Selections on lighting, colours, furniture and soft furnishings were also required.

Furniture includes the famous Emeco Navy Chair and Adirondack sun chairs.

The project then extended to landscape design and eventually to a full redesign of the homes facade.